Surgical Teaching Videos


  1. L Shaped Incision for Explantation of an ACIOL


  1. Capsulorhexis in Capsular Fibrosis
  2. Small Rhexis – Management
  3. Rhexis Tear –Out Mx Pearl 1
  4. Rhexis Tear-Out Pearl 2
  5. Rhexis in a Swollen Cataract


  1. An Unsung Hero – Hydrodissection in Cataract Surgery

Nucleus Management

  1. Nucleus Management Sans Rotation
  2. Vertical Chop technique
  3. Phaco Chop – Dense Cataract – Basics(1)
  4. Soft Cataract Phaco

Cortex Aspiration

  1. Cortex Aspiration

IOL Implantation

  1. Misadventures in the Anterior Chamber
  2. Sensar Hydrophobic Acrylic PCIOLs in Compromised Eyes
  3. Intra ocular Lens Related Complications
  4. 3P – Hydrophobic Acrylic Lens – Implantation Techniques – Part 1
  5. SP Loading

Small Pupil

  1. Complication with Iris Hooks
  2. The Right Approach to a Small Pupil
  3. Iris Hook Follies -1
  4. Capsular Staining in Small Pupil – An Efficient Strategy
  5. Small Pupil Phaco – Made Easy with Oasis Iris Expander
  6. Small Pupil Phaco – Made Easy with I-Ring Pupil Expander from bvi/Visitec

CTR/Devices Cortex Aspiration

  1. Disasters with Capsular Tension Ring

Phacoemulsification in Challenging Situations

  1. Phacoemulsification in Pseudoexfoliation
  2. Challenging Cataract in Vitrectomised Eyes
  3. Nuclear Disassembly in White Cataract
  4. Posterior Polar Nucleus Drop : Management with a Difference
  5. Phaco in Hard Cataract : A Myth Demystified
  6. Subluxated Cataract
  7. Intraocular Glass with Double Capsular Perforation
  8. Phacoemulsification in Cataract with Open Posterior Capsule
  9. Phaco in Posterior Polar Cataract
  10. Posterior Capsular Plaques
  11. White Intumescent Cataract – Safe Phaco
  12. Posterior Polar Cataract
  13. Phacoemulsification in Challenging Post Vitrectomy Cataracts

PC Tear

  1. Not all is Lost After a PC Tear
  2. All is not Lost after a PC Tear 3
  3. Keep Your Coo

Zonular Dialysis

  1. Zonular Dialysis Managed Effectively
  2. Intraoperative Zonular Dialysis and Suprahard Cataract Management Options.


  1. The Road to Success in Diabetic Vitrectomy
  2. Double Tsunami in the Eye: An Unholy Combination of Multiple Posterior Segment Catastrophes Assosciate with Phacoemulsification
  3. Stability Regained!
  4. Modified Macular Hole Surgery – ‘The Macular Plug’ 


  1. Phaco in Post-trabeculectomy (for Angle Closure Glaucoma)